SNP secures budget support

The SNP budget will return to Parliament this week after a series of meetings between First Minister Alex Salmond, Finance Secretary John Swinney and opposition parties saw the Lib Dems agree to back the budget. 

Discussions are continuing with Labour and the Green party.

After concluding negotiations with the Lib Dems in which the two parties agreed to present the case for borrowing powers for the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government confirmed that the Futures Trust will begin to commission new school buildings in 2009 SNP Finance Secretary John Swinney said;

"I'm very pleased to say that today we have reached agreement with the Liberal Democrats which will assure their support for the Government's budget when it is presented to Parliament tomorrow.

"I think its important to say at the outset that quite clearly we do not agree on absolutely everything between the Government and the Liberal Democrats.

"But what we have secured is an agreement that will ensure the
Government's budget can be passed."

"The Government is working to ensure we have the broadest possible support for the budget tomorrow. That's what we are working to try to achieve."

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