Referendum wins more support

SNP MSP Dr Alasdair Allan has today welcomed comments, from LibDem MSP John Farquhar Munro, calling for an Independence referendum.

The LibDem MSP said in a interview on BBC Scotland that he backs a straight yes/no vote to be held in as soon as possible.

Dr Allan also said the comments from the Highland MSP would call into question Tavish Scott’s ability to lead his party and showed confusion within the party on the right of the Scottish people to decide their constitutional future.

Commenting Dr Allan said:

"These comments from John Farquhar Munro are indeed a very welcome development. The people of Scotland deserve the right to decide the constitutional future of the nation and John Farquhar clearly holds that opinion.

"It also shows the LibDems are all over the place on the issue with John Farquhar reflecting a similar call by Paddy Ashdown recently.

"Tavish Scott now has to decide where he wants to take his party. His inability to lead his party on this issue is beginning to show. It’s becoming obvious that standing in the way of the Scottish people’s right to decide their constitutional future is not popular.

"The SNP Government will bring forward a Bill in 2010 for a referendum, and challenge the London parties not to stand in the way of the people's right to choose Scotland's future. Obviously, considering today's comments, John Farquhar Munro will be voting in favour of that referendum."

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