Opposition in daze over Scotland's right to decide

The SNP have today urged opposition parties to end their confusion and support the Scottish people’s right to decide their countries future in a referendum after Lord Ashdown criticised the Liberal Democrats refusal to support a referendum on independence.

In a Scotsman interview today Lord Ashdown says in relation to Liberal Democrat tactics after the 2007 election “I would not have ruled out a referendum and I think it would have been a good time to hold it.”

SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn said;

“With the latest poll showing 38% of people support independence to only 40% against a referendum on Scotland’s independence is there to be won.

“With David Cameron changing Conservative policy and Labour’s confirmation that they will not vote down a referendum bill it is now time for the Liberal Democrats to work out their position and give people across Scotland a say over their constitutional future.

“The SNP Government will bring forward a referendum bill in 2010 – the challenge is to opposition parties to support the Scottish public and back that referendum.

“As we watch the UK Government mismanaging our economy and building up unsustainable debts after years of squandering Scotland’s resources it becomes even more evident that with independence Scotland would be far better placed to see out this recession and build a brighter economic future for Scotland.”