Labour cheerleading for nuclear industry

Speaking ahead of an address by the UK Business Secretary in Cumbria in which Lord Mandelson is anticipated to trumpet proposals for new nuclear developments, SNP Westminster Energy spokesperson, Mike Weir MP, challenged the Minister to explain how using new reactors would be financially and economically beneficial since evidence shows they will produce seven times more waste than existing reactors. 

Commenting Mr Weir said:

"Labour in London look like they are becoming the spin doctors for the nuclear industry with this utter obsession with new nuclear power stations. Nobody will be fooled by Lord Mandelson’s cheerleading for the nuclear industry.  

"Evidence uncovered by Greenpeace has shown that waste from the new European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) in Finland will be up to seven times more hazardous than waste produced by existing nuclear reactors.

"How Lord Mandelson thinks burdening future generations with that cost and danger is economically productive is bizarre.

“Every penny wasted on new unsafe nuclear technology will be a penny less for the development of clean, green energy.

"Scotland is on course to be the clean, green energy capital of Europe – we already have a greater installed capacity of renewable energy than nuclear. Developing this massive potential is the way forward for energy security and safety in Scotland.

”We can achieve secure, clean, low carbon energy by harnessing Scotland's vast green potential, tackling climate change without adding to the burden of toxic radioactive waste.

"Labour are split on this issue as the views of Labour MSPs show and this continuing lobbying for the nuclear industry by Labour south of the border must be heightening those divisions within Labour's Scottish Parliamentary group."