Focus must be on Royal Mail not black mail

As postal workers protest at Westminster over the UK Government’s controversial plans to part-privatise Royal Mail, SNP Postal Affairs spokesperson Mike Weir MP has reacted with anger to the publication of a letter warning that the Royal Mail pension fund is at risk.

With massive opposition to the proposals amongst Labour MPs, UK Ministers are relying on Conservative and Liberal Democrat votes to get the bill through. The SNP is the only mainstream Scottish party who oppose the privatisation plans.

Mr Weir said:

"Lord Mandelson is on a collision course with his own party over these privatisation plans, and thinly veiled warnings over Royal Mail’s pension fund will backfire badly.

"This debate is about Royal Mail, not blackmail, and if anything the situation with Royal Mail’s pension fund actually reinforces the case against bringing in a private partner.

"The pension situation will have to be dealt with regardless, and if that is left to a private firm it will mean job losses, service cuts and a deterioration in the working conditions of postal workers.

"A private partner will only be concerned with profit, and Royal Mail must not loose its social focus which would impact disproportionately with rural areas.

"By inviting in a private partner Lord Mandelson is opening the way for full privatisation, and he must be stopped in his tracks."