LibDems to include Referendum in Manifesto


As the Lib Dems today(Tuesday) signalled that they
will include support for a referendum in their 2011 manifesto SNP MSP Dr
Alasdair Allan said this left them with no excuse not to back a referendum in

The party has been reviewing it's position since a
highly public disagreement between the party's grass roots and leadership at Lib
Dem conference in the autumn.

SNP MSP Dr Alasdair Allan

"This raises the question of why the Lib Dems cannot
support the current legislation for a referendum in this parliamentary session. 
They have no excuse left to oppose a referendum next year.

"A majority of Lib Dem voters support a referendum
and a majority of grassroots members are deeply uncomfortable with their party's
current position.

"With the UK Treasury claiming the economy will be
back on track in 2010, and all parties able to address the question as part of
the legislation there is no reason for further delay.