Independence most popular option for change

SNP Constitutional Affairs Spokesman Pete Wishart MP has welcomed an opinion poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion which shows a majority of the people of Scotland back independence or more powers with independence as the most popular option for change. The poll also shows that a majority of people across the UK back independence or more powers.

According to the poll 64% of people in Scotland want independence or more powers. This breaks down as 22% for “some additional powers, including the introduction of a new Scottish rate of income tax”; 17% for “many additional powers, such as full financial autonomy from the UK”; and 25% for independence - the greatest number for those supporting constitutional progress.

The poll also showed 56% of people across the UK supported independence or more powers for Scotland - and again independence is the most popular change option.

Commenting Mr Wishart said:

“There is a clear desire for Scotland to move forward and this poll shows that the Scottish Government’s white paper, which lays out these options, is in tune with what the people of Scotland want - the right to have their say on their constitutional future.

“There is an overwhelming desire in Scotland to extend the powers of the parliament, with independence the most popular option for change. The status quo is no longer acceptable to the VAST majority of the people of Scotland, and this poll reflects that.

“It is very welcome that independence is the most favoured option for constitutional progress and it can be the winning option for Scotland.

"The Calman Commission has been kicked into the longest of long grass by Labour and the Tories, and people's aspirations in Scotland are far more ambitious than the watered down ideas of the London-based parties.

“Independence would allow Scotland the ability to generate MORE jobs and investment with full responsibility for our economy; to remove nuclear weapons from our waters rather than spend £100 billion on new weapons of mass destruction; and to keep our forces out of illegal wars.

“We would also be able to use all the levers and powers available to tackle poverty and to fully represent our interests and our values – such as our world leading commitment to tackle climate change - amongst our neighbours, in the EU and in the world.”


More details on the poll can be read here.

Methodology: Online interviews with 2,004 British adults, conducted from 2nd December to 4th December 2009.