Listen to the parents - Save Glasgow Schools

Speaking after the announcement that Glasgow City Council’s Labour Executive have decided to go ahead with their proposals to close and merge nursery and primary schools across the city, SNP Councillor James Dornan, Leader of the Opposition expressed his frustration and disappointment at their decision.

Councillor Dornan said:

“What we have seen over the past few months has been little more than a paper exercise. Despite overwhelming proof that the consultation was flawed Labour have decided to carry out their plans to close and merge up to 25 nursery and primary schools across Glasgow, as they always intended.

“Over 7,200 people responded to the consultation with almost 7000 voting against these proposals yet Labour have wilfully disregarded the views of 96% of respondents to their consultation and gone ahead with almost all of their closures and mergers.

"This makes a mockery of their claims to be willing to listen to public

SNP Glasgow MSP Bob Doris commented:

“This is a slap in the face for parents. Time is running out not just for families but for Labour run Glasgow City Council. Well made arguments have fallen on deaf ears.

Even at this late stage Glasgow City Council can reject these proposals.

"The fight will go on until the final decision is made next week.

"The campaigners at Shawbridge Nursery, Nithsdale Road Nursery and Ruchill Primary are to be congratulated for successfully getting their message across. The disruption that a move would have caused the children at the Ruchill Autism unit would have been simply unacceptable and I welcome that the Council has at least listened to the plea of campaigners there.

"They must now listen to the case being made to halt closures across the city ahead of the final vote next Thursday.”

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