Consensus grows to tackle alcohol problems

Commenting on former Tory leader - now social policy adviser to David Cameron - Iain Duncan Smith’s comments in a Sunday newspaper that he is in favour of introducing a minimum pricing policy as advocated by the SNP Government, Scotland’s Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said:

“I welcome Iain Duncan Smith’s support for our minimum pricing proposal – he joins a growing consensus in favour, including the Chief Medical Officers of Scotland and England, former First Minister Henry McLeish, the British Medical Association, the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Nursing and the Scottish Licensed Trade Association.

“Minimum pricing will target the high-strength, low-cost products causing the most damage to our health and communities, while leaving responsibly-priced products untouched.

“That’s why moderate drinkers have nothing to fear from minimum pricing and in fact stand to gain if we can cut the £2.25 billion cost of alcohol misuse which is adding £500 to the tax bill of every Scottish adult.

“The scale of Scotland’s alcohol problem is too great to simply do nothing. Together with the other measures in our radical Alcohol Framework, we think minimum pricing is the right tool to reduce Scotland’s soaring liver disease rate, its 42,000 alcohol-related hospital admissions and 111,000 GP consultations annually.”

The full article can be read here.

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