UK must end Dungavel child detentions

The SNP have called on the UK Government to guarantee there will be no more children held at the Dungavel detention centre as the UK finally agreed to sign the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Central Scotland MSP Christina McKelvie welcomed the UK Government’s long overdue decision sign the UN Convention ending a 17-year opt-out which allowed the UK to imprison child migrants and child asylum seekers without judicial scrutiny.

Ms McKelvie has called on the UK Government to guarantee that no children will be detained in Dungavel from today onwards and to confirm that there are no children in the detention centre at present.

Ms McKelvie said:

"This long overdue decision from the UK Government must mean that Dungavel will no longer be used to imprison innocent children beside potentially dangerous adults. The SNP has had a long-standing commitment to ending this practice and has repeatedly called on the UK Government to act.

"As a sign of the UK Government’s commitment to the UN Convention it must end the detention of children at Dungavel today rather than wait for the Convention to become law.

"I will be contacting the UK Government for a guarantee that no child is currently being detained at Dungavel and that this disgraceful practice has formally ended.

"I congratulate everyone who has campaigned for this change and whilst it has been a long time coming that campaign has finally won through."

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