Welcome for vote on tackling booze culture

Responding to the vote by SNP Conference welcoming the Scottish Government's consultation on alcohol abuse Public Health Minister Shona Robison welcomed the commitment to enhance young people's involvement in and benefit of legislative and administrative programme to address booze culture.

Ms Robison said:

"We know that many people in Scotland drink responsibly, but we also know that alcohol misuse is a serious problem, affecting our health and wellbeing.

"We are a listening government and we will listen to what has been said by conference today.

"The Young Scots for Independence have gone about this the right way, by responding to the consultation, in stark contrast to the opposition parties, who carp from the sidelines and couldn't even respond to the consultation.

"Our purchase age proposals are only one part of a much larger package of measures aimed at tackling Scotland's relationship with alcohol.

"Grandstanding for photo opps whilst doing nothing else is not an option. Radical action is needed, and that is what we will deliver."