SNP delight at Labour referendum u-turn

Wendy Alexander's u-turn on an Independence referendum has been welcomed with delight by SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon MSP.

This morning International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander and Labour MSP Malcolm Chisholm were forced to defend Wendy Alexander's massive turnaround on BBC Scotland where she announced she did support an independence referendum as something 'she has long believed in' when a recent interview with the BBC showed that Ms Alexander was completely against a referendum. 


On 28th March Ms Alexander said to Brian Taylor that she was opposed to a referendum "Because I don't believe in independence, it's as simple as that", "It's not my politics" and "Those who want it should argue for it". 


 Ms Sturgeon said: "We are delighted that Labour's disarray has forced Ms Alexander into a massive u-turn, it shows that the movement of opinion is running strongly in our favour as Labour crack under the pressure of popular opinion in favour of a referendum.  "We will stick to what we offered the people; demonstrating credibility in government, engaging with the people through our national conversation and bringing forward a referendum in 2010. This is a timetable that was set out in our manifesto on which we fought and won the election and we will continue proceeding on that organised timetable as opposed to the chaotic u-turns of Labour.  Douglas Alexander and Malcolm Chisholm's attempts to make this major u-turn look like a pre-arranged plan is an insult to the people of Scotland's intelligence and bordering on ridiculous. It is clearly a case of Wendy bending to the Scottish popular will.  Labour are buckling under the pressure as they meltdown south of the border while polls continue to surge in support of the Scottish Government and SNP north of the border.  We are pleased that the ice is cracking in support the Scottish Government's overwhelmingly popular policy to give the people the right to decide in a referendum, I hope that the other unionist parties come on board."