Another referendum u-turn for Labour

Wendy Alexander and the Labour party carried out another u-turn over their position on a referendum on Scottish Independence as Ms Alexander continued to back down from her support for a vote.

The Labour party in the Scottish Parliament had committed "not to vote down any referendum bill" in the Scottish Parliament.  Today they faced ridicule as MSPs insisted that was not what they had said.  Commenting on the latest u-turn SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon said;

"Those whom the gods seek to destroy they first render ridiculous and Labour in the Scottish Parliament led by Wendy Alexander is now utterly ridiculous.

"Wendy Alexander must accept responsibility for this ludicrous series of U-turns that have left Labour turned inside out.

"Gordon Brown had the election that never was. Labour are now trying to pretend last week never happened – the week that never was.

"Wendy Alexander has been utterly humiliated by the Labour Group who have effectively U-turned on her farcical U-turn – ‘bring it on’ has been brought down, and Labour must now be very close to bringing Wendy Alexander down as their Holyrood leader. Her position is now impossible and completely untenable.

"The SNP will deliver our manifesto pledge to bring forward a Bill for an independence referendum in 2010. If Labour have now dumped the McNeil Declaration not to stand in the way of a referendum, then they will pay a heavy price at the next election for denying the people the right to choose their own future – whoever is their leader."

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