Wendy Alexander quits as Labour leader

Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander has announced she is standing down.

Ms Alexander has come under pressure after breaking donation rules and faces a one-day ban from parliament.

SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon MSP said:

“This has obviously been a difficult decision for Wendy Alexander, and resignation offers her the opportunity to move on.

“While Wendy Alexander has been author of own misfortune, there can be no doubt that the information on her illegal campaign donation could only have come from within the inner circles of the Labour Party.

“For months, there has been an unanswered question in Scottish politics – who within Scottish Labour leaked the information which provoked the serious investigation, culminating in Wendy Alexander’s resignation?

“As Labour face another leadership trauma, her likely successors would do well to watch each other as well as their political opponents.

“Decay from within is characteristic of the decline of the New Labour project, and Wendy Alexander’s resignation is a symptom of this wider malaise.”

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