SNP speak out against local nuclear dumps

SNP Westminster Energy spokesperson, Mike Weir MP, has described plans, published today by the UK Government offering local authorities financial incentives to encourage local authorities to volunteer to host burial sites for nuclear waste, as "surreal".

The proposals are contained in a White Paper ‘Managing Radioactive Waste safely: a Framework for Implementing Geological Disposal’.

Mr Weir said:

"In the surreal world of Labour's nuclear obsession waste dumps are now being presented as an economic opportunity.

"The truth is that, not only is the cost of disposal escalating out of control, but there is no certainty as to how long such a dump would be in active operation.

"A nuclear dump will require exceptional levels of security for thousands of years. What sort of blight and legacy is that for a local community?

"Thank goodness we have an SNP Government in Scotland that will not allow any new nuclear developments on our soil, or indeed buried underneath it.

"UK Ministers should follow Scotland’s lead and concentrate on creating a green energy future rather than the danger, cost and worry of new nuclear stations."