SNP ahead in opinion poll study

The latest analysis of recent opinion polls shows the SNP with a 6 point lead over Labour for the Westminster general election with SNP support up 16 points on the 2005 election – virtually doubled. 

The study based on the ten UK opinion polls conducted in May and June following the first anniversary of the SNP Government gives the following ratings (change from 2005 election in brackets):

SNP: 34% (+16%), Lab: 28% (-12%), Tory: 21% (+5%), LibDem: 12% (-10%), Other: 5% (1%)

SNP Westminster leader Mr Angus Robertson MP welcomed the new analysis;

"With more and more opinion polls putting the SNP ahead even for a Westminster election, it is clear that Labour is in desperate trouble north and south of the Border.

"As the Scottish Parliament reaches the end of term the SNP’s record of delivery is winning increasing support across Scotland – while the UK Government’s failures expose Gordon Brown as out of touch and out of time with the public.

"In our first full year in Government the SNP has been busy freezing the council tax, reducing business rates, delivering local health care and winning support for the abolition of the unfair council tax and the introduction of a fair local income tax.

"Meanwhile the Labour Government in London has doubled the 10pence tax rate hitting low earners across Scotland, refused to act in the face of rising fuel prices, increased taxes on small business and tried to withhold over £1 billion of Scotland’s money from the Scottish Government.

"It is no surprise that as Gordon Brown marks his first anniversary with despair and electoral defeat the SNP mark the end of a successful year in Government with even better prospects for the future.

"We are also seeing a tale of two countries as it is the SNP which is making the major advance in Scotland whilst David Cameron's Tories are trailing far behind the SNP and even Labour in Scotland.

"Wendy Alexander’s resignation and the turmoil of a leadership contest will only add to Brown’s woes as the Scottish Labour party goes into meltdown.

"The SNP's target of electoral success at Westminster is well within our grasp. People across Scotland want to see MPs working for Scotland, not acting as lobby fodder for Gordon Brown.

"With more SNP MPs, Westminster would have to pay attention to Scotland - and we would secure real progress on vital Scottish interests such as attendance allowance, council tax benefit, North Sea revenues, and our fair share of Barnett resources."

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