Labour activists deserting Brown

Commenting on a survey of Labour activists and supporters which shows that only 37.6% believe he should lead Labour into the next general election Angus Robertson MP, the SNP's Business Convener and Westminster leader said Brown's own praetorian guard were turning on him.
Meanwhile a BPIX poll (published today) shows that 44% of voters believe Gordon Brown should resign immediately and a staggering 85% believe he has performed worse than they expected.
Commenting on the figures Mr Robertson said:
"These figures are a disaster for Gordon Brown.  Not only are the voters deserting Labour in droves – now the Prime Minister's praetorian guard are turning on him.
"Labour's own activists are giving Gordon Brown a loud raspberry to mark his first year in Downing Street – the Labour Home activists want to kick Brown out of his home!
"After a year of dithering, the only way Brown can turn things round is with bold action on fuel and Europe.  He should immediately set up a fuel price regulator to cut fuel duty, helping the economy and motorists. 
"And he should give the people the right to their say on the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum.  Otherwise, these record unpopularity ratings will lead to the same fate as befell Maggie Thatcher – he will be forced from office by his own side."

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