It’s time for real energy security

Mike Weir MP, SNP Westminster Spokesperson on Energy, has slammed the latest idea from Gordon Brown on financing new nuclear power stations. At a summit in Saudi Arabia Mr Brown had called upon Middle East government to use their sovereign funds to finance new nuclear power stations in the UK.
Commenting Mr Weir said:
"Gordon Brown has completely lost the plot with his obsession over new nuclear power stations.
"First of all he wants EDF, a company controlled by the French government, to run them.  Now he has decided it would be a good idea if they were controlled by the funds run by Middle Eastern governments.
"This is a strange way of achieving energy security.
"It is a good job that Scotland has an SNP government that has made clear that it will not allow unwanted and unnecessary new nuclear stations in our country.
"Scotland can be the clean, green energy capital of Europe – we already have a greater installed capacity of renewables energy than nuclear. Developing this massive potential is the way forward for energy security and safety in Scotland."