SNP select candidate for Glasgow East

The Scottish National Party tonight selected Cllr John Mason as the SNP’s candidate for the Glasgow East by-election.

Cllr Mason is leader of the SNP Group on Glasgow Council and represents the Baillieston ward within the constituency of Glasgow East. Cllr Mason has represented the East End of Glasgow for 10 years since winning a council by-election in 1998.

First Minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond welcomed the selection of a candidate with a track record of working for the East End.

Cllr John Mason said;

“It is a huge privilege to be selected to contest the seat of Glasgow
East. This by-election is the chance for people in Glasgow East to elect an MP who is on their side, not out of touch like Labour.

“By voting for the SNP the people of Glasgow East will elect an MP who will put Glasgow before Gordon Brown and speak up for the interests of people in this constituency.

“The SNP in Government has already shown that we are on the side of people in Glasgow fighting back against gangs with more police on our streets, targeting the booze and blade culture with plans to end access to the cheap alcohol that fuels violence on the city’s streets, guaranteeing free bus travel for all our elderly and at a time of rising prices and a squeeze on family budgets, cutting the cost of prescriptions, and freezing the council tax to put money back into people's pockets.

“In contrast Labour are out of touch with the East End, doubling the tax on hard working families, and allowing fuel prices and energy bills to spiral out of control.

“The SNP in Glasgow is 'on your side'. The Labour party is out of touch. Glasgow’s Labour MPs have put Gordon before Glasgow – the SNP will put Glasgow East on the map.”

SNP Leader and First Minister Alex Salmond congratulated Cllr Mason on his selection and spoke of his commitment to the East End of Glasgow

“Cllr Mason is the man to put Glasgow East on the map. He knows what matters to people in the East End and he will work hard to make sure their concerns are heard loud and clear at Westminster.

“At a time when Labour in London is benefiting from extra billions in the bank as a result of rising oil prices, families in Glasgow East are
feeling the pinch with food and fuel prices on the up.

“In Government the SNP has taken steps to support people in Glasgow East, to cut crime and vandalism, to target gangs and to tackle the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse in our communities.

“The SNP’s record of freezing the council tax, putting more police on the streets and abolishing prescription charges shows our commitment to Glasgow East. This by-election is an opportunity for people in the East End of Glasgow to send a message to London and to join the SNP and the Scottish Government to work together for a fair deal for Glasgow.”

Cllr John Mason - Profile

John Mason is originally from Rutherglen, is 51, an accountant, and has lived in the East End for 18 years.

After training in Glasgow, he has worked for housing associations, nursing homes, and with a charity in London. He also spent 3 years in Nepal with an NGO representing churches from all over the world.

He was elected as the Councillor for the Garrowhill ward in 1998 at a by-election and held the seat in 1999 and 2003. He has led the SNP Group on the Council since 1999 and was elected in 2007 as Councillor for the new ward of Baillieston.

He achieved the highest personal vote of any Councillor in Glasgow and is the SNP’s longest serving Glasgow Councillor.

His other interests include involvement in Easterhouse Baptist Church, hill-walking and camping.