Independence neck & neck in new poll

Welcoming the TNS System Three poll in the Sunday Herald, showing support for independence and the status quo neck and neck, with 39% in favour and 41% against - compared to 35% in favour and 50% against last August - the Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party and Deputy First Minister Ms Nicola Sturgeon MSP said:

"This is an excellent poll, confirming that support for independence is running neck and neck with the status quo, compared to a 15 point gap last summer.

"The poll shows that as the SNP have delivered good government in the devolved areas over the last year, so support for Scotland to be governed equally well in all areas with independence becomes stronger.

"The other parties are deeply split on an independence referendum, and the fundamental right of the people of Scotland to decide their future.

"Civil war within Labour following Wendy Alexander's 'bring it on' stance contributed to her failed leadership and resignation, and the referendum question is already dominating the leadership contests of both Labour and the Lib Dems.

"We will bring forward a referendum Bill in 2010, and challenge the other parties not to stand in the way of Scotland's right to self-determination."


The TNS System Three poll reflects the proposed question for an independence referendum that the Scottish Government contains in the National Conversation White Paper on Scotland's future. The poll was sampled between 25 June-1 July.

Agree or disagree to Scottish independence (changes since last August inbrackets)

Agree: 39% (+4)
Disagree: 41% (-9)

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