Clydeside’s Jimmy Reid joins SNP campaign

The SNP will today highlight the SNP Government’s support for the East End in contrast with Labour’s decision to punish low paid workers through the abolition of the 10 pence tax rate and a failure to act on rising fuel prices, with a visit by Jimmy Reid to the Glasgow East constituency with SNP candidate Cllr John Mason.

Jimmy Reid and Councillor Mason will visit the Beardmore Steam Hammer in Parkhead, before meeting with people on Shettleston Road and campaigning in the constituency.

They will highlight the SNP’s commitment to force change on fuel prices and to campaign for lower duty on petrol and changes to energy prices – especially for those on pre-pay meters. This is in contrast to the Labour Governments decision to increase taxes by 10 pence on hard working people in the East End and keeping fuel duty high at a time of rising prices.

Cllr Mason will also highlight London Labour’s failure to return a fair share of oil revenues to Scotland for investment in the East End and across Scotland - revenues which equal £40 a week for every household in Glasgow East..

Speaking ahead of the visit SNP Candidate Cllr John Mason said;

“The SNP is on your side in Glasgow East and it is an honour to have the support of Jimmy Reid in this campaign.

“As a great activist for the working people of this city Jimmy Reid is a legend in Glasgow and beyond.

“The Beardmore Steam Hammer represents a time when industry thrived in Glasgow. Industry has changed in the East End but this area of the city now has opportunities to become an important part of the city’s economy.

“The SNP Government is taking action to support people in the East End by freezing council tax and reducing prescription charges to help those feeling the squeeze on their family budget as rising prices bite. We are also arguing for lower taxes on fuel and energy costs.

“Labour has grown out of touch with the East End. As the SNP freezes council tax the London Government has increased the tax on low earners by 10 pence.

“Whilst the SNP wants to see Scotland’s share of revenues from Scotland’s oil industry invested in the East End, the London Government is using them to fill the black hole in Westminster’s coffers.

“The SNP has already taken action to provide employment opportunities for the East End. We’ve backed local business by reducing or abolishing business rates to help build a real local economy and the SNP Government is investing in regeneration with £62 million for the Clyde Gateway and £240 million for the Commonwealth Games.

Speaking in support from John Mason, Jimmy Reid said:

“Cllr John Mason has an outstanding track record of success in this constituency – including beating Labour in a by-election and having the highest personal vote of any councillor in all of Glasgow.

“He and the SNP offer a positive vision and fresh thinking of what Scotland can be. The SNP Government has already delivered a range of policies for building a better Glasgow for families in the East End – more police on the streets, increased investment in health care and putting more money back in people’s pockets at a time of spiraling prices.

"Now Glasgow East can elect a hard working MP who will send a shockwave to London and force action over rising energy costs – crippling household budgets.

“The Labour Party is not the party that I voted for in the past, it has let the people of Glasgow down and abandoned its roots.”



Jimmy Reid was leader of the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders (UCS) work-in in 1971 - which lasted 14 months and saved the jobs of 8,500 shipyard workers - and was elected rector of Glasgow University. He was the Labour candidate for Dundee East in 1979. A former shipbuilding engineer and union official, in recent years he has been a successful newspaper columnist, broadcaster and author. He joined the SNP in 2005 and is currently president of the SNP's trade Union Group.