SNP Table Fisheries Amendment to European Bill

SNP Westminster Leader, Angus Robertson MP, who is a member of European Scrutiny Committee, said:

"EU control over fisheries has been a disaster for Scotland, and restoring national control over the sector is crucial for the future of the industry and our coastal communities.

"With nearly a third of Europe's waters, and the lion's share of the UK's fishing interests, national control of fishing should have been one of the red lines when the Lisbon Treaty was negotiated. Instead, the Prime Minister betrayed the Scottish national interest, and we now need this amendment to secure the future of our fishing communities. 

"It is no coincidence that the most successful and sustainable fisheries all operate outside the CFP. Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland all have well managed, environmentally sustainable and economically viable fisheries operating outside the CFP, and Scotland should have the chance of a similar future.

"Scotland has had enough betrayals at the hands of Brussels and Westminster, and the SNP amendment is the best chance we now have to abandon the disastrous CFP, and build a sound management policy and sustainable future for fishing."


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