Mandelson guarantee "completely worthless"

Mike Weir MP, SNP Postal Affairs Spokesperson, has condemned the reported guarantee being offered by Lord Mandelson to Labour MPs opposing part privatisation of Royal Mail as "completely worthless".
It has been reported that the Business Secretary has sough to buy off potential rebels by offering to insert into the legislation a guarantee that only 33% of Royal Mail will be privatised.
Commenting Mr Weir said
"The maintenance of a comprehensive mail delivery service is essential for Scotland and that could best be achieved by keeping the company in public ownership. We have already seen the chaos that has overtaken the Post Office network by the rush to "liberalisation".
"A similar situation could devastate mail delivery services. The report recommending part privatisation also suggests that local sorting centres could be closed.
"This so called guarantee is completely worthless and could be removed by a vote in Parliament at any time in the future.
"The present Labour government, the Tories and LibDems all favour a part privatisation of Royal Mail. This is the slippery slope that will inevitably lead to greater private involvement in the company and endanger the universal service obligation.
"Royal Mail is a vital public service and the maintenance of the universal service obligation is essential for communities and small businesses throughout Scotland. Many small businesses rely on Royal Mail and any threat to it could be disastrous at a time of recession when it is essential to support small local businesses.
"It is clear that Royal Mail requires investment, but that should be public investment for the future and to ensure a universal service."