Polls show SNP summer of success

A study of opinion polls in August shows the party's momentum continuing in the wake of the Glasgow East by-election victory with an 11% lead in the polls as the SNP prepares for the upcoming Glenrothes by-election. 

The study of all Westminster opinion polls taken in Scotland in August puts the SNP on 38% to Labour's 27% - an 11% lead - which would see the SNP gain 32 seats with Labour losing 31. A YouGov poll commissioned by the SNP at the beginning of August put the SNP lead over Labour at 7%.

Commenting on these figures, SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said:

"This poll of polls shows the SNP enjoying a summer of success in the wake of the stunning Glasgow East by-election victory. With a total sample size of 1,088 voters being polled in Scotland in August for UK-wide polls this is more than a significant sample.

"The momentum in Scottish politics is with the SNP as the real poll in Glasgow East has shown. This sets us up in fine fettle for the upcoming by-election in Glenrothes.

"The SNP has maintained our poll lead over Labour in all opinion polls, backing up the evidence from the Scotland wide poll at the beginning of the month which yet again puts the SNP ahead for a Westminster election.

"The SNP were already storming ahead of Labour in the run up to our victory in Glasgow East. People from all over Scotland are coming over from Labour to the SNP in droves, not just to vote but to join in the SNP's aim of a better Scotland.

"Just as the people of Glasgow East sent a message to Gordon Brown and London Labour by electing John Mason, this poll of polls shows the people of Glenrothes have the same opportunity to send a message to Gordon Brown about the spiralling cost of living: change your policies or change your job."

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