Support welcomed for scrapping council tax

Commenting after tonight's vote on the consultation to scrap the Council Tax the SNP's Chief Whip Brian Adam MSP said:

"I welcome this decisive vote to scrap the Council Tax.

"This is the second time there has been a parliamentary majority to scrap the Council Tax. Labour and the Tories should accept that it is history and come forward with their own proposals.

"Labour are leaving themselves in the last ditch with the Tories defending a tax Andy Kerr describes as a 'bad tax'. A tax the Labour party increased by 60%.

"The SNP believes in a Local Income Tax based on the ability to pay and I look forward to positively presenting this popular policy to the people of Scotland."



1. A survey by YouGov, undertaken on behalf of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and conducted during the election, revealed that 88% would prefer a system of local revenue raising based on income tax, while only 12% preferred it to be based on the value of property.

YouGov poll, 17-23 April, sample 1,872