Labour accused of 'hiding £20bn cost of Olympics'

Labour faces accusations of "suppressing" the true cost of the Olympics today as a former senior official claimed it could top £20 billion.

Jack Lemley, who was forced out of the Olympic Delivery Authority in October 2006, said he wanted to be upfront with the public that the cost of building the venues would be vast.

The ex-chairman of the ODA claimed that from "very early on," the delivery authority was working to a cost estimate for the Games of "well over £12 billion" - more than three times the £3.3 billion publicly claimed at the time.

SNP MP Stewart Hosie MP said the comments reignite controversy over the funding of the games, which has already seen more that £180m diverted from lottery good causes in Scotland.
That total may now increase further, and Mr Hosie has this evening demanded answers from Olympics Minister, Tessa Jowell.

“This is an extremely serious situation, and we must have immediate answers from the Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell, on what she knew and when," Mr Hosie said.

"We must also have assurances that the bill for this will not be dumped on Scottish tax payers.

“Last year Tessa Jowell announced that the Olympic budget had swollen to a whopping £9.3billion, and now it appears that that could more than double again to £20billion. Mr Lemley suggests that it has long been known that the true cost of the Olympics was much higher that the UK Government stated.
It is clear that the cost of the London Olympics is spiralling out of control, and Scotland must not pay the price.


“No thanks to Scottish Labour MPs our share of lottery funds have already been raided, and we must have concrete assurances that we will not lose out any further if Mr Lemley’s claims are correct.”

The full text of Mr Lemley’s comments can be found at:£20bn+cost+of+Olympics%27/

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