SNP Clearly in Tune with Scottish Public

The Spokesperson said:

"Whilst the survey shows record numbers of people want more powers for the Scottish Parliament a more recent TNS poll, taken after the launch of the National Conversation, shows 35% of Scots want Scotland to be an Independent country - an increase of 12%.

"This poll shows that the SNP is winning the support of the Scottish people with more Scots trusting the SNP to stick up for Scotland and more Scots backing Alex Salmond as First Minister.

"The SNP is clearly the party in tune with the Scottish public.

"As the SNP governs well in devolved areas, more and more people will be persuaded that Scotland can be governed equally well in all areas.

"We have already seen that 72% of Scots voters want decisions affecting fisheries and energy to be devolved to Scotland.

"As the National Conversation, fast becoming Scotland's biggest consultation with over 200,000 visits to the website, moves forward and the SNP Government continues to deliver for Scotland we will continue to make the case for Independence."


  • A Sunday Herald / TNS Opinion poll in September 2007 showed that when asked the question included in the White Paper 35% of people supported Independence for Scotland
  • A recent ICM poll (October 19-21st) found 72% of Scots think the Scottish Parliament should have full control of fisheries and energy policy.
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