SNP MSP Calls for End to Trident Plans

Speaking at the rally Ms Somerville said;

"With the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government behind us, there is no greater time to unite and make a stand for peace.

"Defence may be a matter reserved to Westminster, but you can't reserve morality, decency and common sense.

"Trident is economically inept and morally repugnant. Its presence on our shore is an insult to democracy, and an insult to all of us who believe peace is preserved by persuasion and diplomacy not threats and aggression.

"The Scottish National Party and the Scottish Government will not sit back and say nothing as 100 billion pounds is blown on a mythical enemy, whilst the battle against the real enemies of poverty and inequality remains to be fought.

"We want Scotland to be a force for peace in the world, not a storage depot for weapons of mass destruction.

"We made a bargain with the world. We promised to work towards nuclear disarmament.

"The SNP and the Scottish Government will stick to our side of the bargain.  It's time for the Gordon Brown, the Labour party and the UK Government to stick to their international obligations."


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