It's Time for Transparency on Party Funding Talks

Mr MacNeil said:

"The Hayden Philips review was a reaction to the unsavoury fundraising practices at Westminster over the last few years, practices that have been blown apart by the cash for peerages scandal.

"For Hayden Philips to suggest that further talks should be had with just the three main UK parties is unsustainable, although during Business Questions today the Leader of the House, Jack Straw, said he was happy for the SNP to be involved in those talks.   

"It's time to clean up party funding and that means we must ensure full public confidence in the process. We have moved beyond backroom deals and smoke filled rooms. All parliamentary parties must be represented in this process."

Commenting on the issues still to be agreed, Mr MacNeil added:

"The SNP strongly supports a cap on spending during election campaigns. Excessive spending by the Labour Party in 2005 led us to where we are today with the secret loans and a police investigation.  I'd suggest to the other parties that they will get more value from actually speaking to voters rather than bombarding them with glossy junk mail."


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