Salmond Addresses OFGEM Board of Directors

Speaking after the meeting Mr Salmond said:

"I am extremely grateful for the invitation to address the Board of Directors of Ofgem to discuss the future of Ofgem in Scotland and am very satisfied with the hearing I received today.  This discussion was the first step in establishing a dialogue that is essential to the future of energy in Scotland.

"It was a valuable opportunity to outline the long-standing concerns of Scottish energy producers about discrimination. Perhaps sensing a change in political winds I found the board to be a very friendly audience.  I look forward to taking opportunity to work with Ofgem on a more continual basis in an SNP-led government.

"With global warming and renewable energy concerns dominating energy discussion, Ofgem cannot continue to separate politics from policy. Regulations must be changed to reflect the fact that a huge energy potential currently exists in Scotland.

"With Scottish innovation and ingenuity driving the renewable energy industry forward it's time for Ofgem to lower the barrier to entry for these promising new technologies."


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