Message from Aviemore - Vote Lib-Dem, Get Labour

Commenting Mr Salmond said:

"Vote Lib-Dem - get Labour. That's the inept message coming out of the Lib-Dem leadership in Aviemore.

"The party's leaders have made an enormous blunder by painting themselves into Labour's corner when people just want to see the back of Labour.

"It is very clear that only by voting SNP can people move Scotland forward and achieve the democratic opportunity to decide Scotland's future.

"Among Lib-Dem voters 88% support an independence referendum as the right way to decide Scotland's future. That's why the SNP will appeal over the heads of the Lib-Dem leadership to their supporters who want to move Scotland forward

"It's time to build a more successful Scotland to make our country healthier, wealthier, safer and more just. In contrast the Lib-Dem leadership have shown in Aviemore that they want to remain tied to a failed and failing labour party.

"Lib-Dem voters have fare more in common with the positive stance of the SNP than with their own leadership, which is why the SNP will pitch our appeal directly to them in this election campaign."



* A YouGov Poll of April 2006 showed 88% of LibDem voters supported a referendum on independence

* The YouGov Poll in November 2006 showed that among Lib Dem voters, 28% thought that Mr Salmond would make the best First Minister, and only 21% opted for Mr Stephen.

* The YouGov Poll of April 2006 showed that an  SNP/Lib-Dem Coalition was the top option amongst Scottish voters.

* A Sunday Times survey of Lib-Dem Constituency Conveners found two-thirds preferred a coalition with the SNP.

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