SNP hail majority for independence

SNP Leader, Alex Salmond MP, and Depute Leader, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, have launched the SNP's conference in Dundee by publishing details of a new YouGov opinion poll of 1607 Scots commissioned by the party which shows:

  • A clear majority for Independence - 46% yes to 39% no
  • SNP neck and neck in the constituency vote with 29% of those definitely voting compared to 30% for Labour, 19% for the Lib Dems and 13% for the Tories
  • Alex Salmond regarded by 43% as making the best First Minister compared to 27% for Mr McConnell, 13% for Annabel Goldie and just 10% for Nicol Stephen.
  • Alex Salmond the most recognised politician in Scotland
  • A huge majority, 82%, supporting s referendum as the right way to decide whether Scotland becomes independent.

Commenting, Mr Salmond said:

"A year to go, and clearly there is all to play for in the Scottish election. The SNP are neck and neck with Labour in the constituency vote and poised to takes seats in Aberdeen and Dundee, Govan,  Kilmarnock and the Western Isles from Labour.

"We have a clear and powerful message linking freedom for our nation with a new culture of independence for ordinary Scots - giving people a bigger say over their lives just as we want Scotland to have full responsibility for its own future.

"With a majority of Scots backing Independence and the SNP on the rise in this poll and winning local by-elections the length and breadth of the country, we are in an excellent position to win for Scotland, with a real parliament delivering a better life for all."

Ms Sturgeon added:

"These are fantastic findings and show that it is the SNP who are the challengers to Labour across Scotland. We are the only party that can beat Labour and form a government to take Scotland forward.

"In Alex Salmond we have the most recognised leader in Scotland, who, by a clear majority over Mr McConnell, is seen by people as the best First Minister for Scotland.

"The SNP has the winds in its sails and is set fair for victory and government in Scotland after the next Scottish election in May 2007."

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