Poll Shows Voters Growing Tired of Labour

The poll also confirms that Labour is now no longer the preferred government of Scotland.

Speaking from Dundee this morning, Mr Salmond said:

"This is a watershed result and an important indication of the
direction Scottish politics is moving. It confirms the public mood,
expressed in real votes in local by-election after local by-election,
that it is now time for a change.

"It is the first poll for a
generation to indicate that Labour is not the preferred government of
Scotland. Labour is increasingly the party of the past. They have had
their opportunity and have failed to deliver what they promised.

"It is now time for Scotland to move forward, with a Scottish
government that puts the interests of our nation first, and a real
parliament with the power to deliver a better life for all.

"With a year to go to the next Holyrood election, we are entering very
interesting times for Scottish politics. The SNP is well placed to move
ahead of a discredited Labour Party and we are ready to win for



The Scottish National Party
commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey of 1607 Scots and sought their
views on a range of issues. The web-based survey was undertaken from
Thursday 30th March to Sunday 2nd April 2006. YouGov is a member of the
British Polling Council. Their website is http://www.yougov.com.

The Labour Party has been in power too long in Scotland; it's time for a change

Strongly agree  -  32
Tend to agree  -  24
Tend to disagree  -  18
Strongly disagree  -  12
Don't know  -  14

If there were to be a coalition, and these were the available options, which one would you prefer?

Lab + LD  -  25
Lab + SNP  -  15
SNP + LD  -  28
None  -  21
DK  -  11

The SNP and Greens were right to hold talks, as they did recently, to
see if they can co-operate in a future government of Scotland.

Strongly agree  -  21
Tend to agree  -  45
Tend to disagree  -  10
Strongly disagree  -  4
Don't know  -  20

Leaving aside you own party preferences, which of these politicians do
you think would make the best First Minister for Scotland? (Excluding
31% don't knows)

McConnell  -  27
Salmond  -  43
Goldie  -  13
Stephen  -  10
Harper  -  3
Fox  -  1

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