Salmond: 'Squabbling partners in crisis in Livingston'

Mr Salmond said:

I think they look ridiculous. They are partners in
power in the Scottish Parliament and share the blame for cuts in local
services. No wonder they are reduced to childish squabbling in the

On the day we learn of a threat to close the mortuary
at St John's and centralise this service to the ERI, Labour and
Liberals are playing silly games. They are behaving like spoiled
children. The people of Livingston deserve better.

Our returns
show that this is a clear two-horse race between the SNP and a
discredited Labour Party. The Liberals are shedding votes and
staggering towards defeat. They are reduced to battling with the Tories
for fourth place.

Only the SNP can beat Labour in Livingston.
More and more voters are telling us they will be switching from Labour
to the SNP because they know SNP success will make a difference for

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