Salmond mocks lame duck Blair

Commenting Mr Salmond said:

The Prime Minister is past his sell by date and clearly running out of steam. His speech was long on rhetoric but short on good ideas. He has nothing positive to contribute to Scotland's future.

It was an underwhelming performance from a man with an eye on his own exit strategy, even if he stubbornly refuses to find one for our soldiers in Iraq.

The Prime Minister seems oblivious to the growing chaos he has helped create in Iraq. He has his head stuck firmly in the sand.

This is the man who deceived the people of this country by taking us into an illegal war based on a lie, but today the only person he was fooling was himself.

He looked shaken by the poor reception he received from Labour delegate but that is nothing compared to the verdict that will be given by the voters of Livingston and Cathcart on Thursday.

They have a chance to wipe the smile of the face of Tony Blair and hold him to account for his lies and his failures.

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