Salmond launches SNP campaign in Fife

As part of the campaign, the SNP will be distributing a consultation card asking residents across Fife for their views on issues of local concern and will launch a new newsletter for the area, The Free Fifer. The campaign comes on the back of Cllr George Kay's victory last month in the Burntisland by-election with a swing from Labour to the SNP of 13%, with the Liberal Democrats a poor fourth place.

Commenting Mr Salmond said:

"The SNP enjoyed stunning success in Burntisland and we are now looking to take the same positive message of change to voters across Fife. Burntisland is in Kirkcaldy constituency and I can think of no better place to launch our campaign than the town of Kirkcaldy itself.

"The SNP has now won 4 of the last 6 local council elections across Scotland, with voters deserting Labour and the Liberal Democrats in huge number. In Burntisland the SNP came from third place to defeat New Labour, in a seat that has also recently been held by the Liberal Democrats.

"I want the SNP to win parliamentary seats in Fife when the voters decide who will be the next government of Scotland in just 18 months time and today is the start of that campaign.

"We are launching a consultation card that will go to residents in every part of Fife and a special Free Fifer newsletter that will help us take our message of change direct to the people of this area.

"I am asking people to listen carefully to what the SNP is saying and if they agree with our hopes for Scotland's future and share our concerns over the direction of the British government and the drift of the Labour-Liberal Democrat Scottish Executive, I¹d ask them to give me and the SNP their support.

"The SNP wants to protect threatened local services, get a grip on crime by putting more police on our streets and begin to sort out the problems of congestion and poor transport that hold Fife back.

"I am determined to lead Scotland to a better future. We have the talent and resources to turn Scotland into one of the most successful countries in Europe. Independent Norway and Ireland point the way.

"Every vote for the SNP is a vote for Scotland and a vote for change in Fife."

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