SNP promises to make Scotland matter

SNP Leader, Alex Salmond MP, and Depute Leader, Nicola Sturgeon
MSP, have launched the Scottish National Party general election
campaign in Dundee today (Wednesday 6th April).

Mr Salmond has set
out the SNP's five tartan tests - key issues to judge the relevance of
the other parties to the campaign in Scotland. The tests are: fair
pensions, extra police, no more nuclear, save the regiments and it's
Scotland's Oil.

Mr Salmond said:

"As Scotland's Party,
the SNP will make Scotland matter in this election campaign, because
when the SNP wins, Scotland wins. While the other parties are focused
on voters in the south, the SNP puts Scotland first. That is why only
the SNP can pass the five tartan tests.

"Our tests are about winning the best deal for Scotland and first to fail is this Labour government.

"If Labour care about Scotland's pensioners, let them back a fair
pensions deal. SNP plans would make older Scots better off, with our
citizen's pension paying £1450 more for single pensioners, and £1900 a
year more for couples, than the current state pension.

with Scottish priorities means ditching plans for expensive ID cards.
Instead the cash would be better spent putting 1500 more police on the
beat in communities across Scotland.

"The others can't match the
SNP here in Scotland. If Scotland was their top priority, there would
be no more nuclear - waste, weapons or Labour's costly new power

"It matters to the SNP that the fall out from any new
nuclear power station could affect any and every Scottish constituency
- with new sites for radioactive storage dumps; more toxic waste
transported by road and rail; cancer causing particles in our seas,
along our shores and drifting through the air. Higher risks and higher
costs long term.

SNP Depute Leader, Nicola Sturgeon MSP added:

"In this campaign, only the SNP is fully focused on Scotland, only the
SNP will make Scotland matter and make sure Scottish issues can't be

"In the same way as SNP pressure saved the Govan
shipyards in 1999, we can save the Scottish Regiments in 2003. Labour
will fail Scotland, by any standard, if they scrap our historic

"And all the parties will fail Scotland if they keep
pumping our oil revenues south. There is no question, Scotland's
parliament should control Scotland's oil. With revenues over £10
billion at current oil prices, and £600 billion in reserve under the
North Sea, there is plenty to fuel Scottish success - but only if we
stop our black gold being wasted, filling Britain's financial black

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