Alex Salmond letter to Archbishop

Mr Salmond also announced today that the SNP has suspended all political campaigning today (Sunday) as a mark of respect. The Party will also cease all campaigning on the day of the Pope's funeral.

The full text of the letter is below:

Sunday 3rd April 2005

Dear Cardinal O'Brien

I thought it appropriate to write a letter of condolence and solidarity on the occasion of the death of the Holy Father.

At this time, there will be sadness, but also reflection on the achievements of an extraordinarily successful Papacy.

John Paul 11's worldwide mission has been marked by his contribution to peace and reconciliation and for the power and simplicity of his many acts of profound symbolism. He has personally touched the lives of more human beings than any other religious leader of modern times.

His specific contribution to our own nation's development in his visit here in 1982 is still remembered with pride and affection. - massively important for the catholic community and hugely beneficial for the whole country.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire congregation at this time.

Nicola Sturgeon and I will be honoured to join you at the Mass at St Mary's Cathedral tomorrow.

With Best Wishes

Yours for Scotland

ALEX SALMOND Leader, Scottish National Party

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