Swinney says release our potential and reclaim independence

Scottish National Party leader John Swinney MSP and SNP Election Co-ordinator Nicola Sturgeon MSP today announced “Release our potential” as the SNP’s new slogan for the 2003 elections. Speaking at a media briefing to preview the SNP’s Conference, which starts in Inverness on Wednesday 25 September, Mr Swinney said:

“This pre-election Conference will be about presenting the SNP as the credible party for power. A party that reflects how Scots want their government to be with the popular policies that will make our society the best possible. Within our busy agenda we will be discussing some of our main policies including, justice, education, health, the economy, and Scotland’s public services.

“We are introducing a new slogan as well as a new colour for the 2003 campaign. From today, our new campaign slogan ‘Release our potential’ will join Heather on the campaign trail and both are set to become very familiar in the run up to May.

“Release our potential is simple, and it means Independence.

“Our powerful new slogan encapsulates and underpins the main themes we will use in our bid to win the trust and confidence of the Scottish people. It places Independence at the heart of our campaign.

“ It enables the SNP to reclaim Independence from those who, in 1999, tried to label it as negative, and provides the platform we need to persuade the Scottish people of the positive benefits of Independence.

“It says that if we release our potential we can do better than Labour and devolution, but it also says with Independence we can do so much more.

“Release our potential also talks positively of the potential Scotland has.

“ It taps into the feeling that Scotland isn’t a bad place to be, in fact it is a great place to live, but it could be so much better. And it shows we have everything we need to make our society the best possible.”

SNP Election Co-ordinator Nicola Sturgeon MSP added:

“Release our potential is positive, ambitious and aspirational. All of our publicity materials, campaign leaflets and pamphlets during the campaign will build on that. We want to speak about solutions not problems, the future not the past, and of Scotland’s potential not its shortcomings.

“At Conference we will be unveiling a series of five posters and campaign postcards which do just that. They speak of what our country could be with the SNP’s policies in key areas.

“In addition the Shadow Minister responsible for each policy area appears on materials. Roseanna Cunningham with justice, Michael Russell with education, Andrew Wilson with the economy, myself with health, and John Swinney with the generic message of Release our potential.

“These initial materials focus on areas of real need and real concern – the issues on which we will make our case relevant to each and every person, to each and every family in Scotland.

“Release our potential allows us to present ourselves as the credible party for power, a party with popular policies, and a party that reflects how Scots want their government to be. A party that will help everyone in Scotland release their potential.”