Roseanna Cunningham Targeted by BNP Campaign

Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP today (Tuesday) revealed that she has been targeted by the BNP in a campaign which she described as “designed to intimidate.”

Speaking as the Executive launched their campaign against racist attitudes Ms Cunningham pledged to continue to speak out against racism anywhere it existed.

Ms Cunningham was targeted by the BNP after she was emailed unsolicited propaganda from the party and requested that she be removed from their distribution list. Their refusal was accompanied by threats to bombard her with more of their propaganda. Soon after the email exchange, the Perth MSP’s online discussion forum was inundated with racist material. Speaking today Ms Cunningham said:

“The BNP is a repugnant organisation whose views disgust all right-thinking Scots. I have no idea why they targeted me but I have a message for them – their intimidation tactics will never silence democrats.

“Racist views are utterly unacceptable, have no place in our society and must be confronted at every turn. By threatening to bombard my website with their filth, they seem to think they can silence me. Well they can’t - I will never be intimidated into silence by racists.

“Nor will I allow them to use my website as a platform for their abhorrent views and have now made arrangements to close the online discussion forum.”

“Political parties such as the BNP are attempting to secure a foothold for their racist views in Scotland. It is the democratic duty of every Scot to oppose them where ever and when ever they rear their ugly head. That is why the Scottish Executive’s new anti-racism campaign is so timely and why it will have the full support of the SNP.”

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