Homelessness Reaches All-Time High Under New Labour

New official figures published today (Tuesday) show that homelessness in Scotland has reached an all time high as SNP Shadow Social Justice Minister Mr Kenneth Gibson MSP attacked the Executive’s plan to change the way they count homelessness as a “fiddle”.

The latest figures released today in the Executive report “Operation of The Homeless Persons Legislation in Scotland: Quarters Ending 31 December 2001 and 31 March", show that applications to local authorities by households for assessment as homeless has risen to 46,380 in 2001-2002, compared to 40,989 in 96-97.

Commenting today on the latest disastrous figures for homelessness in Scotland Mr Gibson said:

“Today’s publication of the latest figures on homelessness show the abject failure of New Labour to address this blight.

“Figures show that homeless applications in Scotland are at an all time high, with 46380 applications in 2001-2002, compared to 40,989 in 96-97.

“There has never been a greater need for warm, safe and affordable housing, yet Labour are clearly incapable of preventing homelessness from rising, let alone reducing it. Indeed, reducing homelessness is not even one of Jack McConnell’s ‘five priorities’.

“To make matters worse, rather than addressing the problem, New Labour have adopted the old Tory trick of fiddling the figures by changing the way they are assessed. They have been rumbled and must now come clean on what they will do to, to make homelessness in Scotland a thing of the past.”

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