Swinney Highlights Threat to On-Shore Fishing Jobs

SNP Leader Mr John Swinney MSP today (Friday) met with white fish processors in Aberdeen as he highlighted the threat to thousands of on-shore fishing jobs posed by the proposed closure of Scottish fishing grounds.

Speaking as he visited Aberdeen white fish processors Coupers Ltd, Mr Swinney highlighted the four to one ratio of onshore jobs to offshore fishing jobs and called for a European Alliance of fishing nations to fight for real influence to save our fisherman's future. Commenting he said:

"Our fishing industry stands on the brink of the abyss and thousands of on-shore jobs are at risk. There is somewhere over four on-shore jobs in fishing for every one off-shore jobs and the effect on this industry of closure of the fishing grounds would be devastating.

"Meeting with workers in the industry brings home the impact that closure would have. Thousands of families across Scotland are facing a bleak future unless Ross Finnie can deliver a result in Europe.

"He has to devote every waking moment to saving these jobs and these families' livelihoods. Nothing less will satisfy the workers I met here in Aberdeen and nothing less gives them a chance of keeping their jobs.

"Scotland must forge a European alliance with other fishing nations that will give us the weight needed to take on the EU closure plan. By forming a Northern Maritime Communities Alliance we can win real influence and save our fishing industry."

Editors Note:

Mr Swinney was visiting white fish processors Coupers Ltd, Clyde Street, Aberdeen and was accompanied by SNP Shadow Fisheries Minister Mr Richard Lochhead MSP and SNP MEP Ian Hudghton.

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