SNP Welcome Alice Mahon Supporting Iraq Motion

The Scottish National Party's Shadow Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Mr Angus Robertson MP today [Thursday] welcomed the fact that Labour MP for Halifax Ms Alice Mahon has signed the House of Commons Motion he tabled, which says that there must be a specific United Nations mandate for any military action against Iraq. The Motion states:

"That this House believes that any international offensive military action against Iraq can only be morally justified if it carries a new and specific mandate from the United Nations Security Council."

So far, 21 MPs from across a range of parties have supported Mr Robertson's Motion. In addition, 133 (mainly Labour) MPs have signed Ms Mahon's Motion - including the 9 SNP/Plaid Cymru members - which expresses "deep unease" about military action against Iraq. Speaking today, Robertson said:

"I warmly welcome Alice Mahon's support for this Motion. I hope that MPs working together can now build very widespread support for the specific point that action against Iraq cannot be morally justified without a mandate from the United Nations Security Council. After all, the last Gulf campaign over ten years ago was pursued on the basis of a clear UN Resolution.

"In Wednesday's Commons debate, Defence Minister Geoff Hoon said that he had met with the Russian Foreign Minister that day - but had not even discussed the Iraq situation - even though the Russian government along with others has said that specific UN authorisation is essential before any spread of military action to Iraq can be contemplated.

"The United Nations is the proper world authority, and MPs from across parties are extremely concerned that its vital role in international peace and security matters has been eclipsed, and must be reasserted."

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