Scotland Loses Out In Defence Jobs

Commenting on reports that Scotland is to bear the brunt of naval dockyard job losses, SNP Shadow Defence Minister Mr Colin Campbell MSP, said:

"Yet again, Scotland faces the prospect of losing out when it comes to defence. We already pay millions more towards defence than is spent in Scotland in return. Now, if these reports are true, we are to bear the brunt of job loses. Hundred of Scots families are facing the dole because of an MOD mindset that sees Scotland as an easy target for job cuts.

There were 9850 MOD civilian jobs in Scotland in 1996 - on 1st July last year there were 9329 - after the axe swings tomorrow, there will be 500 fewer MOD civilian jobs in Scotland - leaving 8829 - a drop of 1000 in less than six years. And the rest will be subject to privatisation, which usually means more cuts. And tomorrow's cuts fall on the Clyde.

"This Government, with their ideological obsession with privatisation, is putting profit before people yet again and in defence that is foolishness of the worst kind."

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