Russell Slams Jamieson Over 'Great Debate'

SNP Shadow Minister for Education Mr Michael Russell MSP has hit out at comments by Cathy Jamieson in a Sunday Newspaper claiming that criticism of her and her policies was "snobbish". Mr Russell said

"Cathy Jamieson is indulging in the politics of the playground. But she is not a sensitive primary one pupil - she is Scotland's Education Minister and she has just asked the country to contribute to a great debate on the future of our education services.

"Her foolish remarks blow out of the water any prospect of her flagship consultation succeeding. Who will now be willing to enter into vigorous discussion and enter ideas into contention if the Minister is likely to respond in this way?

"There is widespread disillusion about the performance of the Labour and Liberal Executive in most areas of public service, and particularly in education. Instead of bringing forward ideas - as the SNP are doing, for example with our detailed proposals on radical class size reductions in the early years of primary school - we have a vacuum in thinking, disguised by a sham exercise in public relations and now overshadowed by the Minister's defensive posturing.

"This is an Executive of hollow quick fixes and vague empty promises. No wonder Scotland is tired of it. We need a clear vision of the difference that a Scottish Parliament can make to the prospects for Scotland's young people, but on the evidence of today we are never going to get any sensible contribution from Cathy Jamieson. Fortunately the Parliament's Education Committee is conducting its own enquiry into educational philosophy and practice and that has much better prospects of success."

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