Labour complacency leads to collapse in Exports

Labour complacency in the face of an increasingly serious crisis in the Scottish economy, was revealed today after the Executive dismissed the a massive twelve percent fall in manufacturing exports.

Speaking after new figures from National Statistics revealed a fall on last quarter of almost 11.2 percent in manufacturing exports, SNP Shadow Economy Minister Mr Andrew Wilson MSP said:

"Manufacturing is in collapse with the single largest quarterly fall in exports since these figures were first published. They reveal an
increasingly serious crisis in the Scottish economy.

"In recent weeks we have already seen massive job losses in electronics and the forecast for growth in the Scottish economy revised downwards.

"This paints a picture of an economy in serious trouble, yet Labour continue to stick their heads in the sand and hope it will all go away. Until we start doing something to stimulate growth, it won't.

"As part of the UK, Scotland is destined for low growth and relative decline while Labour care only about addressing the symptoms of this decline rather than its root cause.

"We need independence in order to equip ourselves with the powers to place our economy at a competitive advantage to the rest of the UK and deliver a national consensus behind the need to grow Scotland's economic strength."