CAP reform will harm Scots farmers say SNP

Plans unveiled today (Wednesday) to reform the Common Agricultural Policy have met with opposition from the SNP. The SNP have called on Ross Finnie to defend Scottish farmers. SNP Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, Mr Fergus Ewing MSP said:

"Scotland does not have an independent voice in Europe. All we have is misrepresentation by Margaret Beckett and her doppelganger Helen Liddell, who is well known for her contempt for farmers. They are intent on taking Scotland down the road to agrarian ruin.

"Mrs Beckett is intent on modulation. Well, we all know that modulation is only a fancy word for a cut.

"These changes will lead to massive and unsustainable reductions in income, with only vague, ill thought out and unconvincing promises made in return.

"Whilst no farmers want to be dependent on subsidies, these changes will mean that the few will benefit at the expense of the many. I very much doubt that the £60 million will find its way back into rural communities. Past experience suggests that it will go to large landowners and special interest groups instead.

"I challenge Ross Finnie to stand up and say these changes are not acceptable to Scotland."