Robertson Tables Motion On Chinook Pilots

At the Scottish National Party's weekly Lobby Briefing in the House of Commons today [Thursday], SNP Westminster Defence Spokesperson Mr Angus Robertson MP announced that he has tabled a Commons Motion seeking to build support for the Government to quash the finding of the Air Marshals that the pilots of the Chinook helicopter which crashed in the Mull of Kintyre in 1994 were guilty of negligence.

Mr Robertson's Motion reads: ‘That this House notes the House of Lords Select Committee Report on Chinook ZD 576, which concludes that: "the Air Marshals were not justified in finding that negligence on the part of the pilots of ZD 576 caused the crash" in the Mull of Kintyre on 2 June 1994, and calls on the Government to quash the finding of the Air Marshals who reviewed the conclusions of the RAF Board of Inquiry, which unjustly and on the basis of insufficient evidence ascribed negligence to the deceased pilots, Flight Lieutenants Jonathan Tapper and Richard Cook.'

Commenting on his Motion, Mr Robertson said:

"Alex Salmond previously raised this issue in the Scottish Parliament, and a number of MPs and politicians from across the parties have been involved in the campaign to clear the names of the pilots.

"The SNP at Westminster are determined to play our part. We need to build pressure on the Government to quash the Air Marshals' unjust finding, so that at long last we can win justice for the pilots' families, and remove the stain from the memories of their loved ones.

"The initial RAF finding, the Fatal Accident Inquiry, and now the House of Lords report all concluded that there was no evidence that the pilots were to blame. The position of the MoD is now untenable, and the hurtful and flawed conclusion of the Air Marshals cannot possibly be allowed to stand."

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