Blinkered Attitude To Scotland’s Economic Problems From Liddell

The SNP Shadow Economy and Enterprise Minister Mr Andrew Wilson MSP today (Wednesday) attacked Helen Liddell for her continued complacency over the latest Labour Market statistics and her head in the sand attitude to the current economic problems. Mr Wilson said:

“The comments from Helen Liddell that ‘…the Scottish labour market remains basically sound…’ is just another example of sheer complacency from the Minister and only confirms her blinkered attitude to the problems facing the Scottish economy.

“The latest statistics confirm that Scotland has the third highest ILO unemployment level of all the regions/nations in the United Kingdom, currently 6.8 percent - an increase of 2,000 over the previous quarter and a shocking increase of 11,000 on the previous year.

“In addition, the number of people in employment in Scotland has fallen by 6,000 on the previous quarter and has slumped by 17,000 on the same quarter last year.

“If this is what Helen Liddell calls a basically sound labour market I dread to think of how bad it would have to get before she would suggest there might be a problem.

“I have news for our so called Scottish Secretary the Scottish economy is struggling, manufacturing is in crisis and unemployment is continuing to grow at an alarming rate.

“Perhaps if the Scottish Secretary spent less time on foreign junkets, attending Labour party meetings and learning French she may have the time to actually try and tackle the real problems facing Scotland’s economy.”

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