Wishart Condemns Filkin Whispering Campaign

Scottish National Party Westminster Chief Whip Mr Pete Wishart MP today [Wednesday] condemned the "whispering campaign" against Standards Commissioner Elizabeth Filkin, and supported the Parliamentary Motion that has been tabled in her support. Mr Wishart said:

"It is clear that an unholy alliance of the Labour and Tory parties have been engaged in a whispering campaign to undermine Elizabeth Filkin, who has been a first class Standards Commissioner.

"Labour and Tory MPs want to get rid of Mrs Filkin precisely because she is rigorous and effective.

"The conduct of senior Labour MPs towards Mrs Filkin's inquiries - including John Reid when he was Scottish Secretary - has been absolutely deplorable.

"And instead of behaving like an Opposition, the Tories have also been involved in undermining Mrs Filkin.

"This week, I asked Elizabeth Filkin to investigate overclaiming of expenses by three Labour MPs - Jim Murphy, Russell Brown, and Anne McGuire - and I have total confidence in her ability to deal with this matter thoroughly and fairly.

"Instead of getting rid of a strong and effective Standards Commissioner, it would make much more sense to give her the resources to get on with the job, and get rid of the partisan Standards Committee instead."

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